Red Furniture? Absolutely Red!

Red Furniture?  Absolutely – Red is what I decided to do with this entry piece of furniture.

Entry Cabinet


I was very curious to see what color others would think it should be painted.  So, putting it out there, I found it very interesting how many love to see the wonderful intense colors but are so afraid of red furniture.  If you google the color red, this is what you will find:

“Red, the color of blood and fire, is associated with meanings of love, passion, desire, heat, longing, lust, sexuality, sensitivity, romance, joy, strength, leadership, courage, vigor, willpower, rage, anger, danger, malice, wrath, stress, action, vibrance, radiance, and determination”

I absolutely love how this turned out.  It is painted in an intense red furniture paint, glazed with black and finished with a fine wax.  The new look has been an exciting addition to my entry.  What do you think?


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Furniture Painting – Sealing

Furniture Painting – Importance of Sealing!

Sealing?  What is sealing.  I am using this term as a means of applying a protective layer over your freshly vintage painted piece.  It can be a wax or varnish.

Most of the furniture paint available on the market today for furniture refinishing is very porous unless you are using a latex paint.  On a side note, why would you use a latex paint and have to strip or seal?  But, back on subject.

Because the paint is porous you need to finish your piece with a good wax or varnish that will protect it.   Maison Blanche provides two options to give you a wonderful and durable finish.

Maison Blanche Antique Wax is a tried and true Dutch recipe that penetrates into the vintage furniture paint.  It will not only protect it, but enhance the natural beauty of your piece by enhancing the patina and enriching the texture.  If you have glazed or washed your piece, the wax creates a nice depth.  The Clear gives you protection with no additional color.  The Amber gives a wonder glow to your finished piece.  Both the Light Brown and Dark Brown will help you create an antique look to the piece.Wax

Recently, Maison Blanche introduced a Satin and Matte Varnish that is water based.  This  varnish dries to a durable finish and can be applied once the paint has dried 24-48 hours.  Two layers of this product are suggested to achieve the best protection.  Bonus – it can be rolled, brushed or sprayed on!  Like the wax, when it is cured, you will be able to wipe it clean with soap and water.


You will achieve two different looks from these products, but both provide a great barrier and protective layer.

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Mixed Media – Faith

Mixed Media – Faith


“What is Faith” is a mixed media abstract canvas that I created just a few weeks ago.  My schedule for the day was to get some marketing done for my website and do some paperwork catch up.  Instead, my heart kept saying, “go get a canvas.”  After much struggling of trying to keep on task, I picked up a canvas, grabbed a bottle of Traditions Texture Medium and began spreading with my palette knife.


Have you ever started to create something and it just happens?  This piece was just that.  Everything flowed from my head and hands.  I feel I have strong faith, but like everyone else, it seems to be tested now and again.  As I went to apply my first layer of color, that even didn’t become a second thought.  Down went my favorite color of late, aqua and the addition of more mixed media.

Mixed Media

It was almost as if something was within me directing what needed to go onto the canvas.  As it neared completion, a feeling I cannot explain came over me.  It was a good, like a sigh, type feeling.  This finished piece was speaking volumes.

What is faith.  What does it mean?

What is faith. What does it mean?

In less than 24 hours, this piece was sold.  It is now finding it’s way to Wisconsin where it will be placed in a hospital room of a 2 year old that is fighting what no little one should.  You can follow his story on Facebook and say some extra prayers for this little guy.

I sincerely believe God was speaking through me on this piece.

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Acrylic Paint – Adding values to create form

Continuing to add values by using acrylic paint to create shape and form.

Be sure to check out my previous post if you would like to follow along with me as I paint the peony.  I promise it will make more sense!


It is coming along nicely.  Grey values still need adjusting but this is a slow process.  I love using extender mixed with the acrylic paint.  It helps to create the depth of oils but it does slow down the drying time of acrylics!



IMG_2233The peony is started to show movement by correctly placement of values.  It still isn’t final but what great progress I am making.  I need to start concentrating on getting my lighter values in so the whites can be placed in.  Cool and warm values also need to added.



Peony Dance

The studio is doing a happy dance to have the peony completed.  To create form values are needed but you also need to think about where your warm and cool colors are.



The painting found its way to Ohio and Amy loved it.  It was such an honor to paint their marriage prayer for the wedding.  It will be displayed in their home for many years.  Watch for pictures to be posted to my facebook page.  You will see some amazing peony photos!

Head table

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Acrylic Paint – using values to create shape and form

Back to reality!  Acrylic painting with values to create shape and form.

With my love of creating abstract art on canvas with texture and words, I have a tendency to gravitate to that because it fulfills that side of me.  However, sometimes the brushes call me to return to the reality of what brought me to the love for painting.  Creating beautiful pieces that make you want to paint from morning to night.

This is the beginning of a journey creating a peony at the request of a wedding gift.  It’s not the easiest flower to paint (a rose would be easier) but I am so up for the challenge.  I will be approaching it slowly and completing it in a loose, free style.  A white flower is rather difficult because you have to have darker values to show shadows and depth before you can make it white.  In other words, white cannot be made whiter.  Only something of darker value can be made white.  So for this canvas, I decided to start with simple layer of values in grays.

Some of the basic values in gray have been completed.  I find it always helpful to at least get something down to work with.  Once the background has been placed in, I will be able to see what my next layer will be.  Gray is a more cool tone and some warmth will need to be added when the piece nears completion.  It never stops amazing me how values can create form and shape!  At this stage and having some paint in place, it is much easier for me to begin carefully adding the values where they are needed.


The person this is being painted for wants a dark background.  She requested black, however, if I used black it would look like I pasted a wallpaper flower onto the canvas.  I like to see depth even with a dark background by slowly adding glaze layers.  I’ve used a green that has been brush mixed with a warm yellow tone to start with.  Just like the flower, this will need to have several layers before it gets to the value I am looking for.

I will continue to post my progress on this piece in my blogs.  Look for updates soon since it needs to be done in two weeks!  Yikes!


Mission Statement: To use my talents to serve as a communicator, artist and give support.  To inspire and be inspired by those I interact with.  To be driven by values and beliefs.