Want to Learn to paint furniture 101?

Learn to paint furniture workshop.  Join me for the next one!

The workshop “Learn To Paint Furniture Workshop” was very successful Saturday. They experienced and tried eight different techniques using a variety of tools.  Glacage – fabulous furniture texture creme – seemed to be the favorite among the mediums they worked with.  They got to see how the character of painting furniture could evolve into some interesting looks.

Three pieces were completed using the furniture paint that they could go home and decorate with.  One was using the product to imprint into and another was creating texture and raised stenciling.  Last, was learning how to make a piece creating texture with doilies.  They all chose their own color combinations and their end results were incredible.  I love it when they come ready to play!  Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of their finished pieces!

The color combinations they used to create washes was also a success.  We showed them how washes created slowly can create a wonderful depth to the finished piece.  Of all of them, they liked the look the gray combination would give painted furniture the most and it looks like someone will have newly painted cabinets soon!

Distressing, cracking paint, adding a shimmer coat of Organza and watching wax complete a piece finished the paint furniture workshop off.  I was so hoping they didn’t go into overload and left inspired to use the knowledge they gained to create some wonderful looks on their own.

Join me for my next session that where we are going to change up a bit.

A learn to paint furniture workshop will have you completing a small piece that you bring in the technique of your choice.  All supplies and paint will be provided. A great opportunity to complete your own piece.  Seating is limited – you can sign up on my website under workshops.


Mission Statement: To use my talents to serve as a communicator, artist and give support.  To inspire and be inspired by those I interact with.  To be driven by values and beliefs.



Warning: Painting Furniture is addictive!

Oh, I am serious – painting furniture is very addictive.  Do one piece and you are looking for more!

Once you have experienced the transformation of a piece of furniture using paint made with chalk in it, you are forever hooked.  Because it adheres to most anything – boy, does that leave the possibilities open!  You begin looking for furniture to paint and add frames, knick knacks, glass, floors and more!  So many surfaces and just as many techniques.  Furniture paint is all the rage and a wonderful way to update and bring things from drab to fab and perfect for the DIY person to do.

You can easily start with a very basic technique to paint furniture by painting it with only one color and finish it by applying furniture wax.  How awesome is that?  In just a few short hours, you have a new piece without the cost of replacing pieces.  If you are using the product manufactured for painting furniture, it’s amazing how quick, easy and doable it is. I have put out a DVD that will help you learn some basic methods for those that may be inclined to purchase that.

Once a basic furniture piece is completed, you are more than likely going to want to experience getting the look of the aged painted furniture distressed piece.  This is where the Maison Blanche paint will really help you with furniture finishing those wonderfully loved old pieces yet keeping them with the look of from the past.  Distressing is again very easy to do especially if you have the right tools.  There are many ways of accomplishing a looks with a huge variety of tools.

 Tuesday, July 16th, I will be teaching a class at the Houston Expo in The Woodlands (north suburb of Houston).  This furniture painting class will cover several techniques and you will go home with samples you create with the Maison Blanche paint.  Don’t miss this class if you are in the area it’s offered at a great price.  Register online and join me for a journey of painting furniture – how easy is that!


Be warned – it’s addicting and soon you will looking for everything that can be painted with a wonderful paint that adheres to almost anything!


Mission Statement: To use my talents to serve as a communicator, artist and give support.  To inspire and be inspired by those I interact with.  To be driven by values and beliefs.

What is furniture paint with chalk added?

What is furniture painting?  What does chalk do to paint?

Chalk – hum, just what is chalk?  The chemical for chalk is calcium carbonate or how about (ohhh, my dad would be proud of this) CaCO3.   But, are you aware that it is also called limestone?  Limestone is composed of the mineral calcium carbonate.  Okay, I think I’ve gone deep enough into the basics of what chalk is.

Let’s look at how many ways to say “chalk.”  German – Kreide  Irish – cailc  Italian – gesso  Norwegian – calk  Spanish – creta  French – Craie  I love translating words into different languages in my abstract art.  It keeps the viewer thinking and looking.  Okay, deviating – let’s get back to “chalk” in furniture paint.

Chalk added to a liquid such as paint creates a product that works wonderfully to make  furniture painting easy.  The reason this is so trendy right now is because no extensive priming or sanding is needed and it sticks to almost any surface.  You can create so many different type of furniture paint finishes and its’s easy for almost anyone to use.  If you were to research, you will find several different companies that are manufacturing a product with similarities.  Is one better than the other – no probably not.  Sure there will be differences between them, but they all perform and do a great job.  Webster’s makes a chalk paint powder, Ms. Mustard Seed also has this available.  CeCe Caldwell, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Fat Paint and Maison Blanche Paint Company have this type of product available for the DIY person and is so easy to use.

Order some and give furniture paint it a try.  Repainted furniture is all the rage and you can transform everything from antiques to Ikea furniture.  If you need help getting started, I have produced a DVD that will give you some basics techniques.  Check out my YouTube video to get a sneak peek at the DVD!


Mission Statement:  To use my talents to serve as a communicator, artist and give support. To inspire and be inspired by those I interact with.  To be driven by values and beliefs.