Traveling France – Painting Furniture

Traveling France – Painted Furniture

Today was the first day were rented a car during our stay in France.  Behind the wheel of an unfamiliar vehicle, cannot read French and have no clue what road to even be on, did not worry us much.  If we got lost, the vehicle has navigation and surely we could get back!

One of the things we found was a wonderful antique store full of furniture in great condition and some was even painted.  The color combination and looks were interesting to look at and we took it all in.

Check out this piece that has been heavily distressed and used a color very similar to Chloe!

green distress closeup

Look at how heavily distressed this table is done in a color similar to maybe baguette.

Distress Table

How about this piece for uniqueness?  It was given it’s look with a dark wax over a cream color.

interesting table

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Maison Blanche Furniture Paint to the Rescue!

Maison Blanche Furniture Paint to the rescue!

This mirror was glorious in its day a decade ago.  I have a few of them myself, but this one was a find on a local garage sale site.  It’s heavy and has a wonderful quality mirror in it.  Definitely not ready for the junkyard!  Look what a few layers of furniture paint can do to home decor besides updating furniture!

Furniture paint revives a dated mirror

Furniture paint revives a dated mirror

Those clunky old gold frames are so ready to be renewed.  What better way than to use Maison Blanche furniture paint?  This mirror really is fabulous but not in gold!  The first step was to give it a good cleaning with TSP.  It was also a beautiful day to photograph outside and capture the wonderful blue sky in Texas.



Frame first layer is Silver Mink

Frame first layer is Silver Mink

This frame begged for layering to enhance the very ornate detail it has.  The color family that was aimed for was in the grays so the first layer down was Silver Mink.  When you have a surface this ornate that has so many crevices, don’t use a pristine brush!  This multi-purpose round work great and is very reasonably priced.



A layer of Confederate Gray was added and wiped back.

A layer of Confederate Gray was added and wiped back.

After the Silver Mink was dry a layer of Confederate Gray was applied.  While it was still wet, it was wiped back to reveal some of the Silver Mink.  This accents the high points of the mirrors detail and deepens the crevice area.





Glaze using Translucide and Wrought Iron.

Glaze using Translucide and Wrought Iron.

Last a glaze of Wrought Iron + Translucide was applied.  Don’t you love how the detail in this frame now stands out?






New Look - New Home

New Look – New Home

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Painted Kitchen Cabinets!

The painted kitchen cabinets get the most comments in my home.  Everyone oh’s and ah’s when they see them and were easy and fun to do.  Two years later, I still love them and so do others when they see them.

metallic painted kitchen cabinets

metallic painted kitchen cabinets

first cabinet doors were primed

first cabinet doors were primed

Because I was not using one of the many paints that have a chalk base in them, the cabinets had to be primed.  There are several companies out there that provide a great primer for this.  Two from the top of my head are Faux Effects and Modern Masters.  All the doors were removed along with the hardware.  I find it easy and faster to not work around them!  The white primer was placed on both sides of the doors and the cabinet framework.  Allow this to dry for at least 24 hours to allow for proper curing.


1st layer of metallic paint was green

1st layer of metallic paint was green

The first layer of a metallic green paint (I used a green that leaned to the gray hue) was placed on both the framework, drawer fronts and cabinet doors.  I chose to do the back of the doors but was not too concerned about the process I used – meaning I wanted them darker since they will be closed most of the time.  Using a large chip brush is the easiest way to “get” the paint on.  Neatness isn’t part of this process!  You just want to make sure you have good (opaque) coverage at this point.


add additional color layers on cabinets

add additional color layers on cabinets

The next step was to apply a “dry brush” to almost streak on some of a metallic bronze tone to the cabinet framework and back of the cabinet doors.  The look was easily achieved using a 3″ chip brush.  Believe me, the neatness approach is not what you want to do!  You will loose the look and depth.

Again, “dry brush” or streak look metallic dark brown as applied using another 3″ chip brush.  Again, neatness doesn’t work.

Once these layers were dry, a somewhat heavy streak/dry brush was applied with the green again.  Care was not taken to be certain that too much was applied because it very easily is broken up by applying one of the previous colors to break up any areas if necessary.  My choice was to keep these cabinets more into the green value but these colors could easily be applied to have any of the other colors dominant.

Because a metallic paint was used, it’s important to be certain you use a varnish that is made to be applied over metallics.  My entire goal was to add some reflective quality to my kitchen and I didn’t want to loose that at this stage!  I sent my husband to pick up a gallon for me and got quite a humorous comment from him.  When he was told the price, he asked where the rest of the case was!  But, seriously, like in most situations, products are made to work with each other for a reason and using proper vanish is worth it’s value.  Two coats were applied for extra hardness because I am one that continuously wipes down my cabinets.

Hardware was applied and cabinet pulls were put on which also gave these cabinets a finished look.  One word of caution – the bronze in these cabinets did limit the choice of hardware.

The length of time for all my doors, drawers and frame (42 in all and many of them quite tall) only took me 3 days from start to finish.  That includes the 24 hour drying time for the primer, rehanging the doors and putting on the new handles.

You, too, can easily have your kitchen cabinets painted.  It’s a fast, easy with not much physical labor and your kitchen is updated and looking refreshed.

I love the finished look and next my walls were textured and repainted.  I’d love some feedback on what you think of the before and after results.  These pictures show only a corner of my kitchen that have cabinets.

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Before Kitchen Cabinets

BEFORE Kitchen Cabinets

metallic painted kitchen cabinets

AFTER painted kitchen cabinets

Furniture Painting – Sealing

Furniture Painting – Importance of Sealing!

Sealing?  What is sealing.  I am using this term as a means of applying a protective layer over your freshly vintage painted piece.  It can be a wax or varnish.

Most of the furniture paint available on the market today for furniture refinishing is very porous unless you are using a latex paint.  On a side note, why would you use a latex paint and have to strip or seal?  But, back on subject.

Because the paint is porous you need to finish your piece with a good wax or varnish that will protect it.   Maison Blanche provides two options to give you a wonderful and durable finish.

Maison Blanche Antique Wax is a tried and true Dutch recipe that penetrates into the vintage furniture paint.  It will not only protect it, but enhance the natural beauty of your piece by enhancing the patina and enriching the texture.  If you have glazed or washed your piece, the wax creates a nice depth.  The Clear gives you protection with no additional color.  The Amber gives a wonder glow to your finished piece.  Both the Light Brown and Dark Brown will help you create an antique look to the piece.Wax

Recently, Maison Blanche introduced a Satin and Matte Varnish that is water based.  This  varnish dries to a durable finish and can be applied once the paint has dried 24-48 hours.  Two layers of this product are suggested to achieve the best protection.  Bonus – it can be rolled, brushed or sprayed on!  Like the wax, when it is cured, you will be able to wipe it clean with soap and water.


You will achieve two different looks from these products, but both provide a great barrier and protective layer.

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Furniture Paint for Boots!

Furniture paint for boots!  Oh, yes, why not?

Furniture Paint BootsI started with this pair of boots I’ve had from the 80’s.  They fit just fine, but are very dated in the color combination.  After sitting up in their box in the closet, it was definitely time for an update.  Since I was going to be teaching painting furniture at a convention, I figured they would love to see how the product could be used on different surfaces.  You should have seen the shocked expressions when told I painted them! Hehe….

IMG_3493It didn’t take but a second to choose the Vintage Furniture Paint color of Colette!  I have fallen in love with the hue – wear it and seem to be surrounding myself and home with it.  This color is so soothing and lifts the spirit.  After cleaning them well with some TSP solution, I began with two coats of Colette.  My original intent was to add black sections to create interest but when this dried, I loved them too much. I settled on toning them.


To stop them from shouting or screaming “look at me” on my feet, I mixed some of the Maison Blanche Translucide with a touch of Wrought Iron (black).  The Translucide is a great glazing creme that gives us the open time to achieve a very custom glaze look.  I loved the way it wiped on creating interest in some of the crevices of the boot.  It also made the toe area look worn and loved.  You will see in the next photo how a layer of wax changes the color and appearance!


Once the Translucide was dry, I applied the first layer of Maison Blanche Clear Wax and buffed them to a shine using a soft cotton cloth.  Since these were going to be on my feet, I definitely wanted to apply at least three coats of wax for protection.  Ah, but wait – what if I added some Pearl Ex to the wax to add a shimmer?  Did this to the last layer and loved the results it gave.  It brought out where all the stitching was and adding a silver metallic glow to the boots.

Boots done My classes were awesome down at the Artist Expo, but I think my boots were the biggest hit.  They wowed the students and everyone passing me by.  Cannot tell you how many times I was complimented on my boots.

Think “out of the box!”  Furniture paint can be used for more than just furniture!  It sticks to almost anything and look at how it updated and give my boots new life!

What do you think of this as a furniture painting tip?  Have I inspired you to give something new a try?

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