Inspiration – Where does it come from?

Inspiration – Where does it come from?

My favorite definition of the word is “the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions.”  What steps are involved for getting inspiration?

We have to work at it first of all and along with that will come frustration.  If this is where you stop – don’t because it’s a very important stage.  This is normally a sign that you are uncomfortable and unwilling to let the ideas flow.  Many times, ideas have to sink in before the inspiration will happen.  Sometimes you have to let an idea just sit there until you can commit to whatever your medium is.  If we let inspiration bloom, wonderful ideas can happen.

My latest mixed media piece was inspired over a very short period of time.  It just seemed like that particular word continued be constant in my mind and it had to come out on canvas.  So this particular piece was an inspiration through church, those I associate with and my belief that positive thoughts work.  I became very aware of the word and my thoughts.  I took a breath and let it “talk” to me.  This particular piece was a journey shared on my Facebook page with great response.

What is faith.  What does it mean?

What is faith. What does it mean?

I created an online class that is available that helps you through taking a word, phrase or event and creating a mixed media canvas with it.  It honestly is a very easy class as well as a very difficult one.  Easy if you follow the steps.  Difficult to let those feelings be exposed.  For inspiration, this is an example of taking some simple word(s) and using them to create with.

It also seems that once you begin using inspiration that it just continues to flow.  Open you hearts and mind.  Listen to your inner voice.

Where does your inspiration come from?  How does it happen for you?


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Mixed Media Art – I want to touch that piece!

Mixed media art has everyone wanting to move their hands over the canvas!

Creating mixed media art has the viewer wanting to touch the piece!

Creating abstracts with texture medium and other mixed media pieces has become my favorite lately.  It is visual and stirs the sense of touch.  By adding words, it can bring the piece also to another level.

As viewers look at this piece, I immediately ask them to really look closely and tell me what you think the tittle is.  They run their fingers over it and check out all the different textures.  I can almost see their eyes move from space to space looking for the words that might give them a clue.  It’s amazing that no one ever comes close to the reason behind the piece!  But, what I love is that they can come up without much ado with what they feel the piece means.  How cool is that!  That is what my goal was and is when creating mixed media art.

This concept was used on these pieces also.  The one created for Emily, my grand baby, is very dear to my heart and hers.  She can tell you what every mark means and what it is telling her.

If you are interested in learning how I create these customized pieces, I do have online classes available that will walk you through all the “how to paint a mixed media piece” with words, symbols, words and different mixed media pieces.  Join me on a journey that will stir your heart to getting it onto canvas.  You will be guided through how to choose a topic, theme or event and then how to apply it to make a great abstract multi media art piece.  The beauty about an online class is that you can paint it at any time, with the best seat in the house.  It’s available 24/7 and my help is just a click away.

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Mission Statement: To use my talents to serve as a communicator, artist and give support.  To inspire and be inspired by those I interact with.  To be driven by values and beliefs.

Mixed Media Art – from the heart…..

Painting from the heart for me involves the genre of mixed media art.

Painting from the heart is what I love to do.  It is so fulfilling and exhausting at the same time but nothing compares to the Incredible feeling when the piece is done.  Lately I have been painting several custom canvas pieces for others that revolve around either their name, an event or phrase.  The one I finished today will travel all the way to Barbados!  These pictures are a just sneak peeks of two small areas and are not in the completed stage.

If you would like to know how I complete and work these pieces, an online class is currently offered that walks you through it.  Any level of painter will enjoy the journey.  You will work with texture, multi media pieces, stamps and more!  The beauty of online classes is that you 24/7 it is available at your fingertips and the instructor is available also at your fingertips!  My YouTube video will gives you a short clip of the class.

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Inspirational Thoughts -special people

Inspirational Thoughts – those special people that come into our lives.

Many times I have stated that I am so blessed to share my passion of painting with students.  Some have painted with me a long time and/or no longer take classes on a regular basis.  It’s been quite the journey through a paint brush with those that go back many years as a “group” with oh so many laughs.

One of my original group of students got together last night for a holiday get together.  I miss the “where we have been” and laughs with these gals.  There were comments on who is the “brat” of the group to who still wants to paint what.  It also has inspired everyone to get together again and start painting as a group.  It will be good times ahead in the studio!

I guess what I have been trying to say is that if you have the ability or desire to teach art, please do so.  Students inspire us, keep us grounded and it has us learning ourselves.  It is so worth the joy it brings to all.

This picture is of three of the five gals.

Monday Night Painting Gals -2

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Back to School!

I went to a wonderful two day training class for Maison Blanche La Craie Friday and Saturday playing in paint!

Meet Annie the owner of Maison Blanche Paint Company.  She has amazing talent and spent the two days giving us as much information as she could.

Here is a sneak peek at one use of a new product coming soon!

I cannot wait to share this incredible line of La Craie paint with everyone.  Soon, soon, soon.  Hurricane Sandy delayed shipment but hopefully we will have stock by the first week in December!