Creative Stenciling Techniques and More!

Creative Stenciling Techniques and More!

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Creative Stenciling online class!  Check it out.

This is not a project based but a techniques based class.  I have been asked over and over again, “How to you achieve such clean lines?”  “How do you clean stencils?”  “Which stencil should be used when you want to apply texture.”  “How do you use textures with stencils.”  Etc…….  This is why I decided it was possible many people would be interested in a class of this nature.

Have you ever wanted to know how to go about getting those clean crisp lines?  What methods are there to approach a stencil? Did you know that you will find your own best approach, but are you aware of the many ways to even try?  What exactly are the differences in stencils?  Do you know how to get creative with stencils?

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There are videos demonstrating 23 techniques that you can explore.  We talk about how to clean your stencils without damaging them.  How do you apply the paint to your paint brushes plus how to take care of your stencil brushes.

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