Mixed Media – Faith

Mixed Media – Faith


“What is Faith” is a mixed media abstract canvas that I created just a few weeks ago.  My schedule for the day was to get some marketing done for my website and do some paperwork catch up.  Instead, my heart kept saying, “go get a canvas.”  After much struggling of trying to keep on task, I picked up a canvas, grabbed a bottle of Traditions Texture Medium and began spreading with my palette knife.


Have you ever started to create something and it just happens?  This piece was just that.  Everything flowed from my head and hands.  I feel I have strong faith, but like everyone else, it seems to be tested now and again.  As I went to apply my first layer of color, that even didn’t become a second thought.  Down went my favorite color of late, aqua and the addition of more mixed media.

Mixed Media

It was almost as if something was within me directing what needed to go onto the canvas.  As it neared completion, a feeling I cannot explain came over me.  It was a good, like a sigh, type feeling.  This finished piece was speaking volumes.

What is faith.  What does it mean?

What is faith. What does it mean?

In less than 24 hours, this piece was sold.  It is now finding it’s way to Wisconsin where it will be placed in a hospital room of a 2 year old that is fighting what no little one should.  You can follow his story on Facebook and say some extra prayers for this little guy.

I sincerely believe God was speaking through me on this piece.

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