Traveling France – Painting Furniture

Traveling France – Painted Furniture

Today was the first day were rented a car during our stay in France.  Behind the wheel of an unfamiliar vehicle, cannot read French and have no clue what road to even be on, did not worry us much.  If we got lost, the vehicle has navigation and surely we could get back!

One of the things we found was a wonderful antique store full of furniture in great condition and some was even painted.  The color combination and looks were interesting to look at and we took it all in.

Check out this piece that has been heavily distressed and used a color very similar to Chloe!

green distress closeup

Look at how heavily distressed this table is done in a color similar to maybe baguette.

Distress Table

How about this piece for uniqueness?  It was given it’s look with a dark wax over a cream color.

interesting table

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Stay tuned for more to come……..